Descriptions of Coffee From Around the World

A coffee bean is the seed of the coffee plant and which is used to make coffee. Like cherries, the coffee is also called a stone fruit. These seeds mostly contain two stones with there flat sides together. Very fewer types of coffee beans have a single seed. That single seed beans are called peaberry. Peaberry is known as Caracolillo in Spanish, which is also a type of coffee bean. It is a belief that the single seed coffee contains more flavor and taste better than the normal coffee beans. Coffee beans consist of endosperm, which is basically a tissue produced inside the seed of most of the flowering plants.

History Of Coffee

The first coffee pant was found in the mountains of Yemen. Yemen is an Arab state in Western Asia and 2nd largest country in the peninsula. After that, the coffee was exported to the rest of the world through the port of Mocha in Yemen. Nowadays South Africa exports 45% of the total coffee produced in the world. The US is the number one importer of coffee in the whole world. The US is the leading consumer of coffee in the world. The coffee plant varies from 5- 10 meters in height. Coffee Plants are always grown in a line and always handpicked when the fruit is ripe.

Uses and Effectiveness of Coffee

1. Coffee increase alertness because it contains caffeine and also improves mental performance. Some research suggests that drinking a cup of coffee in a day can reduce the risk of cancer.

2. Drinking coffee can prevent type 2 diabetes.

3. Drinking coffee can improve thinking

4. Coffee also helps with weight loss.

Types Of Coffee Beans
1. Coffea Arabica -It is also known as Arabian Coffee. It is also called the first species of coffee. Arabian coffee represents 60% of the global production. The diameter of the seeds is around 10 – 15 mm. Arabian coffee is found mainly in parts of Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, China and in some parts of the Pacific and Caribbean. Arabica is grown at high altitudes. Arabica has a very wide range of tastes. The range varies from sweet and soft to sharp and tangy. When the beans of Arabica are unroasted they smell like blueberry. Its taste depends on its variety.

2.Robusta coffee -It is that species of coffee which is mainly found in central and western sub – Sahara Africa. Its scientific name is Coffea Canephora. This plant has about 10 meters long that has a shallow root system. The plant of Robusta needs less amount of pesticides than Arabica. It is mostly grown in Vietnam. It is also found in regions like Brazil and Africa. Robusta has a stronger and harsher taste and it contains twice the caffeine as compared to Arabica.

3. Coffea Liberica -It has a completely different flavor from other types of coffee. It is found in Central Africa, Philippines, West Indies, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Brazil and Malaysia. Its tree can grow up to 20 meters and produce very large fruits. It has a unique and exceptional taste. It has a chocolaty and ripe berry toned sweetness with a hint of floral and spice.

4.Coffea Charrieriana -It is the only plant which is caffeine free and found in Southwest Cameroon. It is endemic to this area. The tree of this coffee is very short between 1 – 1.5m in height. It is also found in South Africa. It has a very less coffee flavor.

5. Coffea Magnistipula – This species has been recorded from Southwest Cameroon and Western Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. It mainly occurs in humid, evergreen forest. There are no known uses of this species.


There are mainly two type of coffee which can be used commercially; Arabian and Robusta. The most famous type of coffee is Hawaiian Kona Coffee which is a part of Arabian coffee. Arabic beans have a sweater and softer taste with tones of sugar, fruits, and berries. Actually, it is totally based on the personal taste. Some Arabic blends are too high and floral for us. Robusta coffee is very easy to grow. Robusta beans are bitter and contain less sugar. Arabica is costlier than other beans. It is very important to know that Robusta has more caffeine level than the others. All the coffee beans are different in taste. It depends on you that what kind of taste you like.