Five Tricks To Achieve The Best Coffee Using Espresso Machine

For a hard working person, coffee has become a sort of necessity. A cup can make or break an average day at the office and that is why brewing coffee using a fantastic Espresso Machine at home is imperative for productivity on a day to day basis. Of course the selection of the grain, milk and sugar is very important,but there are certain ways you can make you coffee perfect for you at the leisure of your home.

Calibrate the Volume that Suits You

The amount of liquid poured affects the flavor of your coffee, by making the taste stronger or weaker. By testing and trying out different options you will get the ability to calibrate the Espresso machine to fit your taste perfectly and allow for the ultimate enjoyment. You can do this by holding the brew button until the right amount fills your cup. Every time after that, when you press the brew button, it will pour the exact same amount.

Prime the Machine

Priming in this case means just brewing water with the machine. This has many benefits. It cleans the machine if there are any leftovers, nobody likes the taste of two day old coffee grain. This is also a way to warm up your machine, offering an opportunity to brew at a steady temperature with very little error Starting of with a cold machine can lead to an uneven temperature within the pot, which ruins the flavor. This also warms up your cup. It is a tiny thing but very important, because it keeps the condensation minimal and the coffee remains fresh and hot for a longer period of time

Filter your Water

It would be smart to invest in a water filtered jug and to filter your water before using it to make your beverage. This will give you momentary satisfaction by giving you coffee of a cleaner and fresher taste, but it will also prevent limescale from building up within your Espresso machine ensuring that you will be getting better tasting coffee for a longer period of time. It is also far healthier to use filtered water, as bacteria can linger in the water, and be a danger to both your health and the quality of your coffee.

Use the Descaling Option Regularly

Descaling is important for the overall health of your machine and by extension your enjoyment of coffee. This should be done once every 1-3 months, to ensure peak performance. This however will require special tools, but it is nothing you can not handle. It is a simple process of fully emptying your drip tray and machine and follow simple instructions on the manual.

Keep Your Machine Clean

After each use you should:

  • Remove the spent capsule
  • Run water through the flow system
  • Empty your drip tray

Doing these three simple things after every use ensures that no oils, stagnant water and grains will be left in the machine for future usages because that would affect your machine negatively and by extension the quality of your brews. This will ensure clean, tasty coffee with every brewing.

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