History of Coffee and Why We Love it So Much


Coffee can be thought of one of the best traded commodities around the world. An approximate 2.25 billion people consume coffee on a daily basis. The famous Voltaire was said to have drank 40-50 cups of coffee per day; now that’s a lot of coffee! Rumor is that the 17th century revolution in Britain had to do specifically with coffee.

The word coffee comes from multiple languages. In Yemen, coffee is referred to as “qahwah” which originally was a type of wine. In Turkish, coffee is referred to as “kahveh” which the Dutch pronounced as “koffie” and then later the English pronounced as “coffee.”

Where did Coffee Originate From?

There are multiple stories and myths explaining how coffee was originated. In an ancient Ethiopian story coffee was first discovered by goats. Yes, that’s right goats. A goat herder saw that his goats acted very excited and energetic after eating red berries of a coffee tree. The herder then tasted the berries and had the same reaction. This excited him very much and he shared his knowledge with the local monks. The monks then tried the berries and realized that they could stay up much longer and pray after trying the berries.

Coffee comes in many different forms prior to it being converted into the delicious drink that we all know and enjoy. Its primary form is as a red berry off of the coffee tree. The center of the red berry is the coffee bean.

In ancient times the coffee beans were mixed with animal fats and turned into a type of snack bar. The coffee beans pulp was also fermented and turned into a type of coffee wine which was greatly enjoyed.

Modern Coffee Making

In the 13th century coffee was finally roasted in Arabia which is how we drink coffee today. The Muslim culture used coffee as their primary drink during long prayer meetings. The beans would be boiled and sterilized and this kept the coffee bean cultivation within Arab regions. This was until an Indian pilgrim, Papa Buda, left Mecca with fertile coffee seeds that he stored around his abdomen.

Around 1620, the Dutch created the first European coffee bean farm in Sri Lanka. Not to be outdone, the French starting growing coffee in the Caribbean which was then followed by the Spanish and Portuguese. Italy and France then started seeing European coffee houses which grew with great popularity.

Coffee was introduced to America at the beginning of the 18th century but didn’t gain popularity until 1773 which was the Boston Tea Party when Americans started choosing coffee over tea. The Civil War also made coffee more popular because the soldiers needed the extra caffeine boost during the war battles.


Coffee first originated in Arabia and Africa where it then spread to India, Turkey, France and the Netherlands. America didn’t see coffee until early in the 18th century. Now coffee is enjoyed all around the world and is one of the best morning rituals experienced by millions of people.

I know you love coffee, tell us what type of coffee is your favorite and why!