How to Use a Cold Brew Coffee Maker

A sip of cold caffeine can sober you up or keep you sharp and alert when you have a tight deadline to meet. The method of preparation of a cold caffeine brew is fairly simple and it can be done at home. By making your own brew personally, you are usually able to measure the caffeine concentration and tweak the flavor to suit your taste buds. In this article, the details will focus on how you can create your own delicious drink using a cold brew coffee maker.

Detailed Guide on Creating a Cold Caffeinated Beverage

You first need to collect all the ingredients and equipment needs to make a delicious brew. Before starting the process, you should ensure you have high-quality un-ground coffee, a coffee grinder, and a cold brew coffee maker. If you are an adventurer, you can also collect flavors and additives of your choice. After collecting all your ingredients, follow the following procedure.

Grind the High-Quality Coffee to the Recommended Standard

When making a cold caffeine beverage, you should ensure that the berries are ground to the right size. The ideal size typically depends on the model and size of coffee maker at hand. When choosing the size of ground coffee, you should be guided by the available filter. Extremely small particles can make the beverage extremely bitter in a short period of time.

Collect a Caffeinated Filtrate

Carefully pour the coffee you have ground into the filter of the cold brew coffee maker. Ensure that you leave a small space at the top of the filter. Carefully add water on top of the filter and ensure that you have a pot ready to collect the filtered mixture. Ensure that the total amount of water used in the filtration is less than the ratio compared to the ground coffee.

Give Time for Filtrate to Collect

The filtration process should be approached with a lot of patience. Always avoid making this brew in a hurry. The filter you are using should not be too porous. The filtration process should be left to run its course. If you forcefully strain the mixture, the filtrate may end up containing impurities. A forcefully strained mixture also usually has a high probability of getting very bitter.

Remove and Let it Settle

After the filtration has finished, remove the filter from the cold brew coffee maker and leave the caffeinated mixture in the pot to settle. This usually gives the mixture a stronger and better flavor. A mixture left for around 15 hours usually acquires a great taste.

Refrigerate and Let it Merry

To get a tasty cold coffee beverage, you should then refrigerate the mixture in the pot for a minimum period of three days before consumption. Any extra refrigeration period depends on you and your consumption rate. Ideally, you should not refrigerate your brew past two and a half weeks.


Brewing a caffeinated beverage with a cold brew coffee maker is fairly easy. For the best beverage, ensure that you only use coffee of the highest quality. When grinding you should consider the type of filter inside the cold brew coffee maker you own. There are many brewer models available in the market. The ideal brewer should have the capability to serve you and your family comfortably.

If you’ve had a good experience with a specific cold brew coffee maker please let us know and we can detail its review on our site.