Update from Sip Charleston!

Hello to all our readers! We really appreciate your readership. It’s been awhile since our last update. We wanted to make you aware of some coffees that we’ll be bringing to you in the near term so that you can sample.

Gevalia Coffee

The first coffee that we’ll be highlighting in the coming months is the Gevalia coffee. As many of you know this is an Arabica coffee and it has really subtle flavors.

Non-Dairy Cappuccino

Another type of coffee that we’ll be adding to the menu in the next few months is a non-dairy cappuccino. As you all know cappuccinos are made with milk and we want to provide an option to all those lactose intolerance customers out there. We’ll be making this type of cappuccino with soy milk and let me tell you, I can’t even tell the difference!

Flat White Coffee

The third type we’ll be serving is a special flat white coffee. This coffee comes from New Zealand and it has a fantastic taste.

Thank you!

We appreciate all the support you have provided over the past years and we enjoy being your stop for coffee in Charleston! We know you have many choices out there and we are blessed to be visited by so many customers from Charleston. If you have and questions about our offerings or just want to say hi please send us an email and tell us about it.


What are the Benefits of Coffee for Women?

Coffee, the most popular beverage in the world with over four hundred billion people consuming it every day. It is a staple in most homes and a go-to energy booster for most working class men and women. As a working women, coffee was my stress reliever. While in Charleston, I swing by the charleston coffee exchange as much as I can to get my morning cup of joe. In fact, there are many great charleston coffee shops in the town. Fun fact, something I did not know about until recently really, was that caffeine in general is a great mood booster and helps us cope better with stress. That’s one small step for coffee and one giant leap in the face of stress relief.

Coffee for one please

Coffee has grown in the past couple of years and if we go out or buy premixed coffees or even instant coffee we are spoiled by choice. There are so many different ways you can take your coffee: lattes, espressos, cappuccinos and more I can’t get enough of it! Then there’s an array of different flavors too! How awesome is that? I’m not ashamed to admit that I am addicted to coffee, my day cannot start if I don’t hit up my favorite coffee downtown charleston spot to grab my coffee, but there use to come a time during each and every month when I was under the impression that I could not drink coffee, that it was bad for my health.

PMS + Coffee = Cancer

A while back I had been led to believe because of my own ignorance that drinking coffee as a woman would eventually lead to cancer and I was petrified that my coffee drinking would end my life. In hindsight I can’t help but laugh at my own ignorance, but it was a learning experience and when we learn we grow, so no, coffee in no way brings about cancer if you drink it during your time of the month or any other time really. Extensive research was conducted on coffee and whether or not it promotes the chances of cancer in women and the conclusion to this study was that it does not. Coffee in no way puts us lovely women at risk for cancer if we drink it. Isn’t that a relief?


Having demolished the storm cloud hanging over coffee, how about we look at the benefits coffee has for us. As a coffee drinking woman I can’t wait to start pouring this out for you. Seeing as there is so much coffee goodness to go around I decided to list five of the most – to me – greatest benefits of coffee for women.

1. Coffee lowers the risks of heart failure

Hard to believe, trust me I felt that too. When something that has been beat down time and time again by medical professionals and the media actually has benefits to you is mind blowing.

2. Improves your memory

Now I don’t have a goldfish memory but I can say while I was studying I would keep a pot of coffee at my side. If this is the reason I passed my exams, thank you coffee! If my word isn’t enough, which it is not, there is scientific proof that coffee improves your memory. It’s a good day when you remember your purse ladies.

3. Delays Alzheimer’s and Dementia

None of us want to get to this point in life, it’s a sad decline, but for us coffee drinking lucky ladies, our excessive intake of coffee helps reduce and in some cases prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

4. Weight Loss

Ladies, we all have that weight struggle, and coffee the greatest invention to ever exist helps us with weight loss too!

And lastly but in no way the least.

5. Cancer

Remember that misconception we took down earlier? The one about coffee and cancer? Yeah that one. It turns out coffee doesn’t stimulate cancer as I have explained but does the exact opposite, it prevents it.


Coffee, at the risk of being redundant has to be the world’s greatest invention and to all you coffee-holic ladies out there, you don’t have to reduce your coffee intake or worry about it impacting your health negatively because it does not. Coffee is not a bad thing for you. Of course go ahead and be naughty and get yourself some exotic coffee charleston sc, be adventurous ladies because with coffee it makes you healthier, livelier and happier. What better benefit to life is there than that?

Do you know about more benefits that we didn’t mention? Please tell us so we can tell our readers!

What Are the Advantages of Using a Coffee Urn?

If there’s something that you can’t let go of because of how addictive it is, that’s definitely a Coffee. Whether it’s about boosting your energy, keeping you sane for the day, complimenting your reading habit, getting rid of your laziness or staying awake the whole night, coffee is the savior. It’s a great conversation starter & an even amazing bonding ingredient. I am sure you can already smell the coffee. So for all the coffee lovers out there, there’s nothing better than having a coffee urn at your home or workplace. A coffee urn is a device that serves freshly brewed coffee when you need it.

For a private affair, a coffee urn dispensing around 30 cups of coffee should suffice while restaurants & cafes are equipped with an urn serving about 100 cups at a time. The best part is that it has more pros than cons to its credit. Let’s take a look at the advantages of using a coffee urn.

1. Fresh Instance

There lies a whole lot of the population that loves their coffee fresh & instantly brewed. Freshness in a coffee adds an essence of flavor to it and that’s something you can’t afford to miss. A coffee urn quickly brews your coffee for you and your people at any given instance with minimal efforts & time.

2. A Convenient Convenience

The title kind of suggests it all. A coffee urn is convenient to handle & operate with the amount of ease present in its design & functionality. Instead of pouring coffee in a pot like traditional old times, it lets you fill up your coffee mug which is super comfortable to use & carry while you are in a hurry or sitting by your reading corner.

3. Portability

What goes around comes around. Yes, that’s how simple it is to carry a coffee urn on trips & bring it back to the comfort of your house. It is either battery operated or functions on electricity which makes it portable. Also, it is sleek in design & light in weight being your constant companion wherever you head.

4. Elementary Maintenance

A Coffee urn keeps you devoid of any troubles while maintaining and cleaning it. It has a strong exterior body that stays intact for a longer period of time if used properly. Also, the whole process of deriving coffee from a coffee urn is less messy than the old school way. There are hardly any amount of stains. It sure is easy to clean.

5. Pocket Friendly

Well, who would be willing to spend enormous money on a daily basis at cafes behind those cappuccinos & espressos when they can avoid a hole in their pocket by buying a coffee urn instead. It produces a better quality & flavorful coffee in bulk thereby saving on your budget.

6. Varied Platter

Mundane is always monotonous & boring. What we all look for is a tinge of variety and that’s exactly what a coffee urn offers you. It serves a varied platter of coffee flavors with aromas that engulf you in its radiance. Apart from that, a coffee urn model itself is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors & functionalities to choose from.


So, for the above mentioned reasons & for the love of coffee, you should certainly own a coffee urn that lives up to your expectations & meets your random coffee cravings. Coffee in appropriate proportion is healthy & undoubtedly tickles your taste buds. The best part about a coffee urn is that you can control the kind of coffee that you wish to sip by adjusting the settings of temperature & flavor to your liking.

Whether you have friends over for a late night pajama party or guests for traditional festivities, freshly brewed instant coffee from a coffee urn shall make your life less stressful & more flavorful. Do give it a shot. Tell us about your experience.

How to Make the Best Iced Coffee


So today what I want to talk about is how I make a healthy iced coffee. Iced coffee can be made many different ways, the most common way being made with dairy milk, either 2% or whole milk usually. The problem is that there are many people out there that cannot drink dairy milk because of health reasons, usually a lactose intolerance. They need a different way to sweeten their coffee but one that won’t add unnecessary and processed sugar. There are other people that just don’t like the taste of dairy milk and this recipe is for them as well.

Step 1: Choose The Proper Glass

This may seem like a trivial step but let me tell you there are incorrect glasses for your iced coffee. For me I like to choose a very tall glass and one with a lid. This is because I think it is best to drink iced coffee through a straw. I think it is incorrect to drink iced coffee through a normal coffee mug because it is difficult to get the proper coffee to milk ratio in such a small vessel.

Step 2: Choose a Well Bodied Coffee and Brew

For this step it is critical that you choose a dark ground coffee. A light coffee, in my experience, will not taste very well with dairy since the dairy will overpower it. Once you’ve selected your coffee (I like Maxwell House for mine), put the grounds in the coffee maker and add your water. Once the coffee is done brewing let it sit for 30 minutes or so until it comes to room temperature.

Step 3: Choose Your Sweetened Adder

Here’s where your preference comes in. I usually will add 2% or whole milk but I tried something different recently that really has opened up my eyes. Coconut milk is very healthy and it tastes great in iced coffee. Coconut milk provides a light sweetness while not adding any processed sugars. To me it also makes you think of a tropical island when you drink it, but maybe that’s just me.

Step 4: Don’t Forget the Ice

This step can’t be forgotten. An iced coffee just isn’t the same without a handful of ice cubes. After all, the room temperature coffee will start to warm up your dairy and no one likes a room temperature iced coffee. Something I like to do is shake up the mixture just to speed up the cooling process. Make sure to cover the cup lid carefully so you aren’t wearing your iced coffee.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Creation

This is the most important step of all. Enjoy! I love taking that first sip and tasting the potency of the coffee. That’s the sensation that keeps you coming back for more. After all, what’s a better drink in the morning or during a day out in the sun?

Are there other ways that you enjoy having your iced coffee, please tell us about it so we can inform our readers. We’re always interested to know how others make their iced coffee.

History of Coffee and Why We Love it So Much


Coffee can be thought of one of the best traded commodities around the world. An approximate 2.25 billion people consume coffee on a daily basis. The famous Voltaire was said to have drank 40-50 cups of coffee per day; now that’s a lot of coffee! Rumor is that the 17th century revolution in Britain had to do specifically with coffee.

The word coffee comes from multiple languages. In Yemen, coffee is referred to as “qahwah” which originally was a type of wine. In Turkish, coffee is referred to as “kahveh” which the Dutch pronounced as “koffie” and then later the English pronounced as “coffee.”

Where did Coffee Originate From?

There are multiple stories and myths explaining how coffee was originated. In an ancient Ethiopian story coffee was first discovered by goats. Yes, that’s right goats. A goat herder saw that his goats acted very excited and energetic after eating red berries of a coffee tree. The herder then tasted the berries and had the same reaction. This excited him very much and he shared his knowledge with the local monks. The monks then tried the berries and realized that they could stay up much longer and pray after trying the berries.

Coffee comes in many different forms prior to it being converted into the delicious drink that we all know and enjoy. Its primary form is as a red berry off of the coffee tree. The center of the red berry is the coffee bean.

In ancient times the coffee beans were mixed with animal fats and turned into a type of snack bar. The coffee beans pulp was also fermented and turned into a type of coffee wine which was greatly enjoyed.

Modern Coffee Making

In the 13th century coffee was finally roasted in Arabia which is how we drink coffee today. The Muslim culture used coffee as their primary drink during long prayer meetings. The beans would be boiled and sterilized and this kept the coffee bean cultivation within Arab regions. This was until an Indian pilgrim, Papa Buda, left Mecca with fertile coffee seeds that he stored around his abdomen.

Around 1620, the Dutch created the first European coffee bean farm in Sri Lanka. Not to be outdone, the French starting growing coffee in the Caribbean which was then followed by the Spanish and Portuguese. Italy and France then started seeing European coffee houses which grew with great popularity.

Coffee was introduced to America at the beginning of the 18th century but didn’t gain popularity until 1773 which was the Boston Tea Party when Americans started choosing coffee over tea. The Civil War also made coffee more popular because the soldiers needed the extra caffeine boost during the war battles.


Coffee first originated in Arabia and Africa where it then spread to India, Turkey, France and the Netherlands. America didn’t see coffee until early in the 18th century. Now coffee is enjoyed all around the world and is one of the best morning rituals experienced by millions of people.

I know you love coffee, tell us what type of coffee is your favorite and why!

How to Use a Cold Brew Coffee Maker

A sip of cold caffeine can sober you up or keep you sharp and alert when you have a tight deadline to meet. The method of preparation of a cold caffeine brew is fairly simple and it can be done at home. By making your own brew personally, you are usually able to measure the caffeine concentration and tweak the flavor to suit your taste buds. In this article, the details will focus on how you can create your own delicious drink using a cold brew coffee maker.

Detailed Guide on Creating a Cold Caffeinated Beverage

You first need to collect all the ingredients and equipment needs to make a delicious brew. Before starting the process, you should ensure you have high-quality un-ground coffee, a coffee grinder, and a cold brew coffee maker. If you are an adventurer, you can also collect flavors and additives of your choice. After collecting all your ingredients, follow the following procedure.

Grind the High-Quality Coffee to the Recommended Standard

When making a cold caffeine beverage, you should ensure that the berries are ground to the right size. The ideal size typically depends on the model and size of coffee maker at hand. When choosing the size of ground coffee, you should be guided by the available filter. Extremely small particles can make the beverage extremely bitter in a short period of time.

Collect a Caffeinated Filtrate

Carefully pour the coffee you have ground into the filter of the cold brew coffee maker. Ensure that you leave a small space at the top of the filter. Carefully add water on top of the filter and ensure that you have a pot ready to collect the filtered mixture. Ensure that the total amount of water used in the filtration is less than the ratio compared to the ground coffee.

Give Time for Filtrate to Collect

The filtration process should be approached with a lot of patience. Always avoid making this brew in a hurry. The filter you are using should not be too porous. The filtration process should be left to run its course. If you forcefully strain the mixture, the filtrate may end up containing impurities. A forcefully strained mixture also usually has a high probability of getting very bitter.

Remove and Let it Settle

After the filtration has finished, remove the filter from the cold brew coffee maker and leave the caffeinated mixture in the pot to settle. This usually gives the mixture a stronger and better flavor. A mixture left for around 15 hours usually acquires a great taste.

Refrigerate and Let it Merry

To get a tasty cold coffee beverage, you should then refrigerate the mixture in the pot for a minimum period of three days before consumption. Any extra refrigeration period depends on you and your consumption rate. Ideally, you should not refrigerate your brew past two and a half weeks.


Brewing a caffeinated beverage with a cold brew coffee maker is fairly easy. For the best beverage, ensure that you only use coffee of the highest quality. When grinding you should consider the type of filter inside the cold brew coffee maker you own. There are many brewer models available in the market. The ideal brewer should have the capability to serve you and your family comfortably.

If you’ve had a good experience with a specific cold brew coffee maker please let us know and we can detail its review on our site.

Five Tricks To Achieve The Best Coffee Using Espresso Machine

For a hard working person, coffee has become a sort of necessity. A cup can make or break an average day at the office and that is why brewing coffee using a fantastic Espresso Machine at home is imperative for productivity on a day to day basis. Of course the selection of the grain, milk and sugar is very important,but there are certain ways you can make you coffee perfect for you at the leisure of your home.

Calibrate the Volume that Suits You

The amount of liquid poured affects the flavor of your coffee, by making the taste stronger or weaker. By testing and trying out different options you will get the ability to calibrate the Espresso machine to fit your taste perfectly and allow for the ultimate enjoyment. You can do this by holding the brew button until the right amount fills your cup. Every time after that, when you press the brew button, it will pour the exact same amount.

Prime the Machine

Priming in this case means just brewing water with the machine. This has many benefits. It cleans the machine if there are any leftovers, nobody likes the taste of two day old coffee grain. This is also a way to warm up your machine, offering an opportunity to brew at a steady temperature with very little error Starting of with a cold machine can lead to an uneven temperature within the pot, which ruins the flavor. This also warms up your cup. It is a tiny thing but very important, because it keeps the condensation minimal and the coffee remains fresh and hot for a longer period of time

Filter your Water

It would be smart to invest in a water filtered jug and to filter your water before using it to make your beverage. This will give you momentary satisfaction by giving you coffee of a cleaner and fresher taste, but it will also prevent limescale from building up within your Espresso machine ensuring that you will be getting better tasting coffee for a longer period of time. It is also far healthier to use filtered water, as bacteria can linger in the water, and be a danger to both your health and the quality of your coffee.

Use the Descaling Option Regularly

Descaling is important for the overall health of your machine and by extension your enjoyment of coffee. This should be done once every 1-3 months, to ensure peak performance. This however will require special tools, but it is nothing you can not handle. It is a simple process of fully emptying your drip tray and machine and follow simple instructions on the manual.

Keep Your Machine Clean

After each use you should:

  • Remove the spent capsule
  • Run water through the flow system
  • Empty your drip tray

Doing these three simple things after every use ensures that no oils, stagnant water and grains will be left in the machine for future usages because that would affect your machine negatively and by extension the quality of your brews. This will ensure clean, tasty coffee with every brewing.

If you have other suggestions please contact us at tell us about it.

Understanding the Background of Charleston Entertainment Centers

The major portion of the Charleston Entertainment center was launched in 1959. It is a 3 million dollar facility with over 6,000 seats in the main arena. It has small attachment theaters featuring 750 seats as well as three boardrooms for meetings and other administrative purposes.

The then President John F. Kennedy visited the Charleston Entertainment center during his campaign tour in 1960, on visiting West Virginia.

The residents of Charleston and its environs have always had a flair for cultural activities. As far back as the 1920s, cultural activity has begun to thrive in order to meet the interest and demand of the people in arts and entertainment. The Chamber Music Society, the Charleston Community Music Association, and the Kanawha Players formed the bulk of this group.

With time, the citizens saw the need for a bigger and modern facility which sprung the then president of the Community Music Association to action. He led an action that saw to the passing of a bond referendum. This led to major funding approval for the Charleston Entertainment center. The site picked was called situated in a swale many feet below street level hence called a hole in the ground.

The Charleston Entertainment center was constructed with both steel and concrete structure located from the Town Center in the business district central of Charleston. The building is an important symbolic representation of modern art architecture style.

The maiden event at the Charleston Entertainment center was a community music association concert. This event hosted the famous violinist Zino Francescatti in November 1939. Besides, the Charleston Entertainment center has hosted many events over the year. It is a key figure that demonstrates art, entertainment and showcases the tradition and origin of the Charleston community.

Over the years, the Charleston Entertainment center has been a famous center for theater art shows, musical concerts, concerts of all type etc. Locals, foreigners, state, and nationals artist have all featured at the Charleston Entertainment center. Over the years, the Charleston Entertainment center has made a significant contribution to the community’s art and cultural transactions over the years — over 7 decades. Due to the huge seats available, the Charleston Entertainment center has made arts, culture and other forms of entertainments available to people who could not pay the ticket price for smaller venues.

The style of the Charleston Entertainment center is a representation of art in its true form. The sincere level of architecture is in its purest form.

Over the years, there have been famous guests to the Charleston Entertainment center. President Harry Truman also had his campaign speech at the center. Other key figures that have walked on the stage of the Charleston Entertainment center include Nelson Eddy, Charles Brad, Jeanette McDonald, Tommy Lean and Ray Charles. If the walls of the Charleston Entertainment center, they would be able to recite and list the hundreds of thousands of people that have entered the Charleston Entertainment center.

All in all, it is a key figure in the Charleston community that has seen many musical festivals, political rallies, campaign speech, fashion shows, soap operas, symphonies, choral and band festivals etc.

Four Great Cleaning Coffee Grind Ideas You can Share with Your Friends

Here I can vouch on 5 great ways I can clean the coffee grinds in a super easy way.

Firstly, most coffee grinds hold espresso beans in a container. Finest way to clean coffee grinds is to wash it and the top by hand.

With the container expelled, run the processor for a couple of moments (if conceivable) to expel any residual espresso from the burrs.

Unplug the processor.

Next, evacuate any plastic or elastic parts that interact with espresso beans and wash those by hand too, including the receptacle that gets the ground espresso.

Evacuate the internal burr. This may require a device.

Utilize a solid brush to free any espresso beans that might be stuck to the internal and external burrs. Utilize a dry fabric to wipe the internal and external burrs to encourage retain and expel any oils deserted by the espresso beans. Also try not to wash the burrs with water. Make sure the hand washed parts to completely dry, then reassemble the processor.

Secondly, to utilize the cleaning tablets, empty the coffee pack into the coffee container and run the processor until the point when the tablets have completely gone through the machine. Next, take around 1 ounce (30 grams) of coffee beans and run them through. Dispose of the coffee beans and tablet buildup and flush out the ground coffee canister.To discard the coffee beans and tablet development and flush out the ground coffee can.To use the cleaning tablets, empty the coffee into the coffee bean holder and pulse the processor till the tablets are powdered in the machine. Also take around 1 ounce of coffee and run it through the canister. Dismantle the processor. Do it over a white towel with the goal so as to monitor the littler pieces.

Thirdly, wipe the burrs with foamy water. Only a drop or two of dish cleanser in a some water will give the oil-battling power a Q-tip needs to separate the most irritating oils and stuck grounds. Other little parts can likewise be cleaned along these lines. Wipe with a perfect, dry towel. Simply wipe down the burrs with a new towel to get rid of the cleanser, oils and grounds. Forget the pieces to dry for 1 or 2 hours. Reassemble the processor. Set up everything back together. The cleaning procedure takes just a couple of minutes. I recommend doing it every month.

Fourthly add vinegar, salt, and water, then run it for a minute and wipe it thoroughly with a dry towel.Vinegar as some great antibacterial properties and also works as a great cleanser.The combination of salt makes it an even stronger cleansing solution.This is a proven safe and effective way to wash your coffee grinder. Last but not the least, run the hopper with approx 1/4th glass, i.e 20 grams of uncooked rice.Blend it to form a fine paste. Now clean this thoroughly after unplugging it. Voila! Your Coffee Grinder is now thoroughly clean.

Descriptions of Coffee From Around the World

A coffee bean is the seed of the coffee plant and which is used to make coffee. Like cherries, the coffee is also called a stone fruit. These seeds mostly contain two stones with there flat sides together. Very fewer types of coffee beans have a single seed. That single seed beans are called peaberry. Peaberry is known as Caracolillo in Spanish, which is also a type of coffee bean. It is a belief that the single seed coffee contains more flavor and taste better than the normal coffee beans. Coffee beans consist of endosperm, which is basically a tissue produced inside the seed of most of the flowering plants.

History Of Coffee

The first coffee pant was found in the mountains of Yemen. Yemen is an Arab state in Western Asia and 2nd largest country in the peninsula. After that, the coffee was exported to the rest of the world through the port of Mocha in Yemen. Nowadays South Africa exports 45% of the total coffee produced in the world. The US is the number one importer of coffee in the whole world. The US is the leading consumer of coffee in the world. The coffee plant varies from 5- 10 meters in height. Coffee Plants are always grown in a line and always handpicked when the fruit is ripe.

Uses and Effectiveness of Coffee

1. Coffee increase alertness because it contains caffeine and also improves mental performance. Some research suggests that drinking a cup of coffee in a day can reduce the risk of cancer.

2. Drinking coffee can prevent type 2 diabetes.

3. Drinking coffee can improve thinking

4. Coffee also helps with weight loss.

Types Of Coffee Beans
1. Coffea Arabica -It is also known as Arabian Coffee. It is also called the first species of coffee. Arabian coffee represents 60% of the global production. The diameter of the seeds is around 10 – 15 mm. Arabian coffee is found mainly in parts of Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, China and in some parts of the Pacific and Caribbean. Arabica is grown at high altitudes. Arabica has a very wide range of tastes. The range varies from sweet and soft to sharp and tangy. When the beans of Arabica are unroasted they smell like blueberry. Its taste depends on its variety.

2.Robusta coffee -It is that species of coffee which is mainly found in central and western sub – Sahara Africa. Its scientific name is Coffea Canephora. This plant has about 10 meters long that has a shallow root system. The plant of Robusta needs less amount of pesticides than Arabica. It is mostly grown in Vietnam. It is also found in regions like Brazil and Africa. Robusta has a stronger and harsher taste and it contains twice the caffeine as compared to Arabica.

3. Coffea Liberica -It has a completely different flavor from other types of coffee. It is found in Central Africa, Philippines, West Indies, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Brazil and Malaysia. Its tree can grow up to 20 meters and produce very large fruits. It has a unique and exceptional taste. It has a chocolaty and ripe berry toned sweetness with a hint of floral and spice.

4.Coffea Charrieriana -It is the only plant which is caffeine free and found in Southwest Cameroon. It is endemic to this area. The tree of this coffee is very short between 1 – 1.5m in height. It is also found in South Africa. It has a very less coffee flavor.

5. Coffea Magnistipula – This species has been recorded from Southwest Cameroon and Western Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. It mainly occurs in humid, evergreen forest. There are no known uses of this species.


There are mainly two type of coffee which can be used commercially; Arabian and Robusta. The most famous type of coffee is Hawaiian Kona Coffee which is a part of Arabian coffee. Arabic beans have a sweater and softer taste with tones of sugar, fruits, and berries. Actually, it is totally based on the personal taste. Some Arabic blends are too high and floral for us. Robusta coffee is very easy to grow. Robusta beans are bitter and contain less sugar. Arabica is costlier than other beans. It is very important to know that Robusta has more caffeine level than the others. All the coffee beans are different in taste. It depends on you that what kind of taste you like.