Exciting news — We are re-opening in a new location!

re-opening in a new location

We are proud to announce that Sip Charleston will soon be re-opening at a new location in Charleston, SC in the Spring!  We are so grateful for our patrons who have helped us make Sip Charleston the best coffee shop in Chucktown, and we’re excited that the move will help us to open our doors to a new part of town!

So… Where Are You Moving?

It’s top secret for now, but as you will find out very soon.  Our team has been developing our roll-out strategy since the beginning of the year, and we’re ready to make a splash (of coffee that is) when we announce the actual location!

Will You Still Be Serving Your Delicious Treats?

Absolutely, and we have expanded our menu even more for our new location– oops, did I say too much? 🙂

How is the Move Going So Far?

As you can imagine, it’s been a bit hectic around here as we finalize everything, and get the paperwork complete.  We have been working with the awesome real estate team at Chucktowner to help us make the transition, but yeah, even when you have a good team helping you, it can still be challenging when making the move.

If there’s been any issues so far, it’s been with dealing with The City, but we’ve finally have taken care of that aspect of the new move.

Can You Tell Us More?

I really wish I could!  How about this: when we can announce the plans, we will definitely tell you, deal?  We’re planning a grand opening ceremony, in which, we should have more information on that here very soon!

Sponsors for the Grand Opening

Oh yeah!  We are looking for additional sponsors for the grand opening– if you’d like to be considered to be a part of our big event, please contact!

FYI: This would give you some insight for the big plans that are ahead! 😉

Really though, as you know, Jan and I are really excited for the move!  We thought since we do have some followers for the blog, that we would announce this on here and let you know first!

As always, thanks so much for being a part of this journey and we will clue you in with more details soon!

PS – Sorry, Jan and I are sworn to secrecy for revealing the plans even to our closest friends!