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Review of the Keurig K50 – The All Purposed Coffee Maker

You have or could have been looking for reliable and excellent kitchen paraphernalia, which are good in design and that won’t disappoint.

This kitchen device has been warmly received, thanks to its topnotch reliability and easy to use nature. We now look at some of its notable qualities that render it an excellent kitchen device when installed alongside other kitchen paraphernalia.

1. Activation

The process of installation is very simple. You just press the power button to turn it on. You then put water in the reservoir (cold liquid reservoir in this case) and then the water flows direct into the brewer when the handle is lifted gently. Get the coffee in the 250 ml cup inserted into the device together with the mug. There is the “brew” button. Press it and your delicious coffee drink will be ready in about a minute. Now you see how simple and precise the installation process is.

2. Design and appearance

The Keurig K50 coffee maker is very good looking and will just give you the desired attractiveness in your kitchen. The device itself is very attractive and you are assured of a top notch appearance inside your kitchen. Even when placed alongside other kitchen devices, you will simply notice this unrivaled quality in the coffee maker. lt is therefore essential that it is encompassed in the shopping list when you go shopping. Everyone wishes for this quality and thanks to the many positive reviews that the product has gotten so far, you won’t be an exception in enjoying the best qualities that this device comes with.

3. Features

The Keurig K50 coffee maker boasts one of the shortest brewing times of less than a minute, or so. This sounds pleasant? Give it a try and you will find value in your decision. It also boasts an auto-off feature and indicator signal lights. Control of this coffeemaker is by means of just pressing buttons and your drink is ready. We cannot underestimate the other feature which is the water reservoir. These features enhance its reliability and what you get is just amazing.

4. Performance capability

The Keurig K50 is just amazing. Yes, very amazing indeed as it meets the excellent requirements that you probably could be looking for in kitchen devices in terms of performance.

5. Cost

The device is relatively cheap. It costs just within the range of $90-$130. You now know why the craze for this amazing device is unstoppable.


– Brews drinks fast

– Brews strong coffee in an optimum ratio of coffee type to ounces of 1:6

– Control by buttons

– Auto-off quality feature

– Brews a variety of drinks from coffee, iced drinks and cocoa

– Indicator signal lights

– Reservoir for water

– Removable drip traps



– May develop technical issues, which can increase brewing time to more than a minute

– Can stop functioning after weeks

– Very noisy


We now can attest that this is the best device for those who desire excellent designs and performance in kitchen paraphernalia. The Keurig K50 is now that particular device. You will not only find value for your money, but also enjoy ownership of a device with high positive reviews and ratings worldwide.

We hope you enjoyed our product review.  Stay tuned to Sip Charleston for more updates!