Understanding the Background of Charleston Entertainment Centers

The major portion of the Charleston Entertainment center was launched in 1959. It is a 3 million dollar facility with over 6,000 seats in the main arena. It has small attachment theaters featuring 750 seats as well as three boardrooms for meetings and other administrative purposes.

The then President John F. Kennedy visited the Charleston Entertainment center during his campaign tour in 1960, on visiting West Virginia.

The residents of Charleston and its environs have always had a flair for cultural activities. As far back as the 1920s, cultural activity has begun to thrive in order to meet the interest and demand of the people in arts and entertainment. The Chamber Music Society, the Charleston Community Music Association, and the Kanawha Players formed the bulk of this group.

With time, the citizens saw the need for a bigger and modern facility which sprung the then president of the Community Music Association to action. He led an action that saw to the passing of a bond referendum. This led to major funding approval for the Charleston Entertainment center. The site picked was called situated in a swale many feet below street level hence called a hole in the ground.

The Charleston Entertainment center was constructed with both steel and concrete structure located from the Town Center in the business district central of Charleston. The building is an important symbolic representation of modern art architecture style.

The maiden event at the Charleston Entertainment center was a community music association concert. This event hosted the famous violinist Zino Francescatti in November 1939. Besides, the Charleston Entertainment center has hosted many events over the year. It is a key figure that demonstrates art, entertainment and showcases the tradition and origin of the Charleston community.

Over the years, the Charleston Entertainment center has been a famous center for theater art shows, musical concerts, concerts of all type etc. Locals, foreigners, state, and nationals artist have all featured at the Charleston Entertainment center. Over the years, the Charleston Entertainment center has made a significant contribution to the community’s art and cultural transactions over the years — over 7 decades. Due to the huge seats available, the Charleston Entertainment center has made arts, culture and other forms of entertainments available to people who could not pay the ticket price for smaller venues.

The style of the Charleston Entertainment center is a representation of art in its true form. The sincere level of architecture is in its purest form.

Over the years, there have been famous guests to the Charleston Entertainment center. President Harry Truman also had his campaign speech at the center. Other key figures that have walked on the stage of the Charleston Entertainment center include Nelson Eddy, Charles Brad, Jeanette McDonald, Tommy Lean and Ray Charles. If the walls of the Charleston Entertainment center, they would be able to recite and list the hundreds of thousands of people that have entered the Charleston Entertainment center.

All in all, it is a key figure in the Charleston community that has seen many musical festivals, political rallies, campaign speech, fashion shows, soap operas, symphonies, choral and band festivals etc.