Update from Sip Charleston!

Hello to all our readers! We really appreciate your readership. It’s been awhile since our last update. We wanted to make you aware of some coffees that we’ll be bringing to you in the near term so that you can sample.

Gevalia Coffee

The first coffee that we’ll be highlighting in the coming months is the Gevalia coffee. As many of you know this is an Arabica coffee and it has really subtle flavors.

Non-Dairy Cappuccino

Another type of coffee that we’ll be adding to the menu in the next few months is a non-dairy cappuccino. As you all know cappuccinos are made with milk and we want to provide an option to all those lactose intolerance customers out there. We’ll be making this type of cappuccino with soy milk and let me tell you, I can’t even tell the difference!

Flat White Coffee

The third type we’ll be serving is a special flat white coffee. This coffee comes from New Zealand and it has a fantastic taste.

Thank you!

We appreciate all the support you have provided over the past years and we enjoy being your stop for coffee in Charleston! We know you have many choices out there and we are blessed to be visited by so many customers from Charleston. If you have and questions about our offerings or just want to say hi please send us an email and tell us about it.