What Are the Advantages of Using a Coffee Urn?

If there’s something that you can’t let go of because of how addictive it is, that’s definitely a Coffee. Whether it’s about boosting your energy, keeping you sane for the day, complimenting your reading habit, getting rid of your laziness or staying awake the whole night, coffee is the savior. It’s a great conversation starter & an even amazing bonding ingredient. I am sure you can already smell the coffee. So for all the coffee lovers out there, there’s nothing better than having a coffee urn at your home or workplace. A coffee urn is a device that serves freshly brewed coffee when you need it.

For a private affair, a coffee urn dispensing around 30 cups of coffee should suffice while restaurants & cafes are equipped with an urn serving about 100 cups at a time. The best part is that it has more pros than cons to its credit. Let’s take a look at the advantages of using a coffee urn.

1. Fresh Instance

There lies a whole lot of the population that loves their coffee fresh & instantly brewed. Freshness in a coffee adds an essence of flavor to it and that’s something you can’t afford to miss. A coffee urn quickly brews your coffee for you and your people at any given instance with minimal efforts & time.

2. A Convenient Convenience

The title kind of suggests it all. A coffee urn is convenient to handle & operate with the amount of ease present in its design & functionality. Instead of pouring coffee in a pot like traditional old times, it lets you fill up your coffee mug which is super comfortable to use & carry while you are in a hurry or sitting by your reading corner.

3. Portability

What goes around comes around. Yes, that’s how simple it is to carry a coffee urn on trips & bring it back to the comfort of your house. It is either battery operated or functions on electricity which makes it portable. Also, it is sleek in design & light in weight being your constant companion wherever you head.

4. Elementary Maintenance

A Coffee urn keeps you devoid of any troubles while maintaining and cleaning it. It has a strong exterior body that stays intact for a longer period of time if used properly. Also, the whole process of deriving coffee from a coffee urn is less messy than the old school way. There are hardly any amount of stains. It sure is easy to clean.

5. Pocket Friendly

Well, who would be willing to spend enormous money on a daily basis at cafes behind those cappuccinos & espressos when they can avoid a hole in their pocket by buying a coffee urn instead. It produces a better quality & flavorful coffee in bulk thereby saving on your budget.

6. Varied Platter

Mundane is always monotonous & boring. What we all look for is a tinge of variety and that’s exactly what a coffee urn offers you. It serves a varied platter of coffee flavors with aromas that engulf you in its radiance. Apart from that, a coffee urn model itself is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors & functionalities to choose from.


So, for the above mentioned reasons & for the love of coffee, you should certainly own a coffee urn that lives up to your expectations & meets your random coffee cravings. Coffee in appropriate proportion is healthy & undoubtedly tickles your taste buds. The best part about a coffee urn is that you can control the kind of coffee that you wish to sip by adjusting the settings of temperature & flavor to your liking.

Whether you have friends over for a late night pajama party or guests for traditional festivities, freshly brewed instant coffee from a coffee urn shall make your life less stressful & more flavorful. Do give it a shot. Tell us about your experience.