What are the Benefits of Coffee for Women?

Coffee, the most popular beverage in the world with over four hundred billion people consuming it every day. It is a staple in most homes and a go-to energy booster for most working class men and women. As a working women, coffee was my stress reliever. While in Charleston, I swing by the charleston coffee exchange as much as I can to get my morning cup of joe. In fact, there are many great charleston coffee shops in the town. Fun fact, something I did not know about until recently really, was that caffeine in general is a great mood booster and helps us cope better with stress. That’s one small step for coffee and one giant leap in the face of stress relief.

Coffee for one please

Coffee has grown in the past couple of years and if we go out or buy premixed coffees or even instant coffee we are spoiled by choice. There are so many different ways you can take your coffee: lattes, espressos, cappuccinos and more I can’t get enough of it! Then there’s an array of different flavors too! How awesome is that? I’m not ashamed to admit that I am addicted to coffee, my day cannot start if I don’t hit up my favorite coffee downtown charleston spot to grab my coffee, but there use to come a time during each and every month when I was under the impression that I could not drink coffee, that it was bad for my health.

PMS + Coffee = Cancer

A while back I had been led to believe because of my own ignorance that drinking coffee as a woman would eventually lead to cancer and I was petrified that my coffee drinking would end my life. In hindsight I can’t help but laugh at my own ignorance, but it was a learning experience and when we learn we grow, so no, coffee in no way brings about cancer if you drink it during your time of the month or any other time really. Extensive research was conducted on coffee and whether or not it promotes the chances of cancer in women and the conclusion to this study was that it does not. Coffee in no way puts us lovely women at risk for cancer if we drink it. Isn’t that a relief?


Having demolished the storm cloud hanging over coffee, how about we look at the benefits coffee has for us. As a coffee drinking woman I can’t wait to start pouring this out for you. Seeing as there is so much coffee goodness to go around I decided to list five of the most – to me – greatest benefits of coffee for women.

1. Coffee lowers the risks of heart failure

Hard to believe, trust me I felt that too. When something that has been beat down time and time again by medical professionals and the media actually has benefits to you is mind blowing.

2. Improves your memory

Now I don’t have a goldfish memory but I can say while I was studying I would keep a pot of coffee at my side. If this is the reason I passed my exams, thank you coffee! If my word isn’t enough, which it is not, there is scientific proof that coffee improves your memory. It’s a good day when you remember your purse ladies.

3. Delays Alzheimer’s and Dementia

None of us want to get to this point in life, it’s a sad decline, but for us coffee drinking lucky ladies, our excessive intake of coffee helps reduce and in some cases prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

4. Weight Loss

Ladies, we all have that weight struggle, and coffee the greatest invention to ever exist helps us with weight loss too!

And lastly but in no way the least.

5. Cancer

Remember that misconception we took down earlier? The one about coffee and cancer? Yeah that one. It turns out coffee doesn’t stimulate cancer as I have explained but does the exact opposite, it prevents it.


Coffee, at the risk of being redundant has to be the world’s greatest invention and to all you coffee-holic ladies out there, you don’t have to reduce your coffee intake or worry about it impacting your health negatively because it does not. Coffee is not a bad thing for you. Of course go ahead and be naughty and get yourself some exotic coffee charleston sc, be adventurous ladies because with coffee it makes you healthier, livelier and happier. What better benefit to life is there than that?

Do you know about more benefits that we didn’t mention? Please tell us so we can tell our readers!